Article 1

The “club” shall hereon be known as Bucketmouth Bass Club Inc.


Article 2

Mission Statement and Purpose

To stimulate public awareness of bass fishing as a major sport.  To offer our state conservation department our organized moral support and encouragement.  To abide by all environmental conservation laws, hold others accountable and call attention to their crime.  To improve our skill as bass anglers through a fellowship of competitive tournament fishing, share our knowledge within the fishing community and to promote ethical behavior and sportsmanship.


Article 3


There shall be 5 club officers that constitute a Board of Directors/Executive Committee: President, Vice President/Tournament Director, Treasurer, Secretary and Web Master.

Section 1:  Officers and their duties

(a)   President:  Preside over all meetings and direct all official business.  Supervise all club functions.  Establish committees and appoint members if positions are not filled voluntarily.  Shall notify club members of upcoming meetings and provide meeting agenda prior to each meeting.  Keep a current club roster with necessary contact information. Will be an ex officio member of all committees.

(b)   Vice President/Tournament Director:  Preside as President in the absence of the President.  Is a standing member of all club committees.  Plan, organize and direct all club tournaments.  Responsible for all tournament arrangements and necessary tournament equipment. Enforces all tournament rules. Serve as chairman of the Tournament Committee which shall assist with all boat checks and weigh ins. 

(c)   Treasurer:  Collect and disburse all monies.  Keep accurate financial records and present a current balance report at each regular meeting.  Presents current financial reports at all meetings.  Maintains any required checking and savings accounts. Shall prepare an annual audit for review by the club Board of Directors/Executive Committee.

(d)   Secretary:  Record minutes of all regular and special meetings as called for by the club president.  Maintain accurate records of club membership.  Will have second signature authority on club checking account.

(e)   Web Master:  Ensure that all website links and references are current.  Update tournament results and club point standings in a timely manner.  Maintains club historical data.  Load appropriate photos, stories and news items.  Ensure club website hosting fees are kept current, coordinates with club treasurer for payment.

Section 2 Election of Officers

(a)   The election of officers shall be held annually at a regular meeting scheduled in January.  Nominations for all officer positions shall take place at a meeting scheduled in December.  The current president will create the slate of nominees to be voted on. Any member in good standing may be nominated.  Election shall be by majority vote of all members in good standing.

(b)   Each member is entitled to one vote.  Proxy votes are not permitted.

(c)   The term of each elected officer is for one year, which shall begin upon the completion of elections at the regular scheduled meeting in January.  Original slate of officers shall serve until the last meeting of the following December.

(d)   Should an office become vacant, nominations will be solicited and an election held for an officer to complete the unexpired term of the officer vacating office.  The election will be held at the next club tournament or function.

(e)   Should any officer fail to fulfill their duties they may be removed from office.  This shall require a 2/3 majority vote of the Board of Directors/Executive committee.  Charges shall be submitted in writing and the officer in question shall have the opportunity to defend any and all accusations. 

Article 4


(a)   Membership is open to all residents of New York State.  Anyone who is a resident of another state may join upon approval by a simple majority vote of club membership.

(b)   Bucketmouth Bass Club Inc. will operate as a team trail format. 

(c)   A “team” shall consist of no more than 2 persons.  If a person wishes to join the club and fish alone then that person shall constitute a “team”.

(d)   Dues for membership shall be $100.00 per team per year.  Membership dues are nonrefundable once paid.

(e)   Membership dues for returning teams shall be paid no later than June 1st of each year.  A team may pay membership dues after June 1st but will not receive any points in AOY standings and may not use that tournament as their drop.

(f)    New team memberships will be accepted at any point of the tournament season.  A new team shall be defined:  as a team that has never fished a tournament with Bucketmouth Bass Club Inc., or a team that has been absent for a period of 1 year.  New teams must wait a period of 1 week before being allowed to compete in a tournament.

(g)   Membership applications not properly completed or missing required information for the current tournament season will be returned (i.e. current insurance documentation).




Article 5

Removal from Membership

A member shall be removed from the club roster or have their membership revoked for the following:

(a)   Any member may be expelled from the club for poor sportsmanship or actions deemed detrimental to the club.

(b)   Cheating

(c)   Failure to pay dues (will not result in expulsion but may be removed from roster)

(d)   Allegations of such actions shall be brought in writing to the Board of Directors/Executive Committee who shall follow due process in determining if such allegations warrant a removal vote by the membership.  A 2/3 vote of the members present at the meeting in which said charges are presented is necessary for removal.  Absentee votes are not permitted.  Should the Board of Directors/Executive committee determine that the allegations do not warrant a removal vote they may issue a warning in writing to the member regarding the allegations brought forward.

(e)   Before any member can be expelled from the club, they will have the right and opportunity to defend themselves to the club membership.

(f)    Any member who has their membership revoked for disciplinary reasons shall be banned from membership in Bucketmouth Bass Club Inc.  



Article 6

Amending the By-Laws and Tournament Rules

The By-Laws and Tournament Rules may be amended at any regular meeting by a majority vote of members in good standing present at a regular scheduled meeting provided:

(a)   The proposed amendment must be presented to the membership at least one regularly scheduled meeting prior to the vote.