Member Ken Monica passed away Saturday morning. 

Ken joined Bucketmouth Bass Club in 2000 finishing 23rd out of 135 members that year. 

Ken finished as high as 4th in 2004 fishing with his son Jason. 

The last year that he fished was with his grandson Nate.

Ken won 15 trophies, 2 firsts, the last being in 2019 fishing with Ray Kuty. 

This is believed to be the oldest team to ever win a Bucketmouth tournament.

He also won 7 lunkers (the 11th most in club history) most likely catching them on a rat that he was always throwing.

Ken was a very passionate person and would always let you know what he was thinking.

I got to know and understand him much better when he and my father were teammates.

He was a friend and will be missed

When I get more information about arrangements, I will post them here.