June 19, 2021 Bucketmouth Bass Club Onondaga Lake Invitational

                                   COVID 19 MITIGATION PROCEDURES


In order to limit our contact and protect our members from Covid-19 these procedures will be in place for our Onondaga Lake tournament.  

1.      Each team will follow the driveway around and form a single file line in order to launch your boat.

2.     One person will register for your team (face masks required).

3.     Once your team is registered launch your boat and park in the designated area.  A member of the tournament committee will be assigned to assist with parking.

4.     One team member will attend the pre-tournament meeting (social distance guidelines apply, masks are mandatory) where the launch boat number will be drawn.

5.     Any special instructions will be announced at the meeting and must be relayed to your team member.  The tournament director will relay any special instructions to anyone fishing alone.

6.     In situations where a team does not live in the same household; and they have not been fully vaccinated; and a six-foot distance cannot be maintained; wearing of masks is required.

7.     Each member will be asked if they have had any flu like symptoms in the last 14 days; been diagnosed or had close contact with anyone diagnosed with Covid-19; traveled outside the United States within the last 10 days.  If any member answers yes to any of these 3 questions they will not be allowed to fish. 



1.     Each boat is to remain in the water.   All fish are to be released outside the marina and in the lake. 

2.     Only ONE team member is to bring your fish to weigh in.  The other team member is to remain with the boat.  If fishing alone please inform the tournament director.

3.     A member of the tournament committee will assist the tournament director with the handling of all fish for the weigh in and recording the weight.

4.     When you have completed weigh in, return to your boat and proceed to release your fish.

5.     Once you have released your fish you can trailer your boat.  Do not block the ramp or inhibit others from using the launch. 

6.     When your boat has been put on the trailer and parked you may return for the awarding of prizes. (Social Distancing and Masks Required).